Perimeters of Light

by Ted Kyle

Since Christ Jesus gave the church the task of bringing the gospel to all peoples, the authors explore what this means in terms of cross-cultural ministry. Towns and Stetzer point out that "cross-cultural" applies every bit as much to new generations as it does to Third World people groups.

In the process of exploring and defining boundaries, they ask such pregnant questions as:

What functions must be present for a church to be an authentic New Testament church?

What worship magnifies God, and what worship does not?

What makes music Christian?

What makes a sermon biblically faithful?

How does one properly communicate the message of Christianity?

What happens when people go too far in doctrine, practice, and judgment?

What is truth, and how do Christians stand for truth in a postmodern world?

Since the postmodern world is all around us, in addition to missionaries, every pastor, every Sunday school teacher, every church leader, and everyone who seeks to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem should let him or herself be challenged by these questions, and by the suggested answers.

Target: Mature Christians

Type:   Evangelism

Take:   Must Read

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