Science & Faith

by Glen H. Jones

Professor C. John Collins teaches Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. His statements recorded in this book lead one to believe he holds a high view of Scripture. He believes that Christian faith and science do not necessarily have to be at odds. He then launches into a detailed explanation to support his thesis.

Collins discusses such topics as Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Did a gap exist between these two verses? If so, how long was the gap? In Genesis 1 and 2 do we have one creation account or two?  Is the creation account scientific? Is it historical? Did death exist among animals before the Fall? Was the creation, including animals, cursed by the Fall or did the curse come on humans only?

Primary to any discussion of the original creation is the length of days. Were the creation days twenty-four hour days? If the days were not the same as we call "days" today, how long were these days? Were the sun, moon, and stars created on the fourth day or does Genesis 1:1 contain the creation on all matter?

What differences exist between humans and animals? Do humans have body and soul or body, soul, and spirit? How does this distinction make us different from the animals? What does it mean that humans were made in the image of God? Are Adam and Eve our ancestors? Were humans and animals vegetarians before the Fall?

Collins' arguments are quite involved and not easily summarized. Rather than misrepresent the author's position, this reviewer asks the reader to carefully examine Collins' arguments and come to his own conclusions.

Target: All

Type:   Science and Faith

Take:     Recommended

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