21 Things God Never Said (Correcting Our Misconceptions About Evangelism)

by Glen H. Jones

We've all heard them before: "If you want to be saved, just invite Jesus into your heart," or "If you come to Me, I want either all of your life or none of it," or "If you doubt your salvation, then you're not saved." The problem with statements such as these is that they contain an element of truth, but they are not found in Scripture.

Larry Moyer has taken 21 statements similar to the ones quoted above and shown the fallacy of the arguments and explained the biblical answers. For example, one common misconception claims that we can ask anything concerning health or wealth and that God will grant it. This is the "name it and claim it" teaching. Moyer points out that the Bible warns against craving physical prosperity and focusing on present rewards rather than rewards in the future life. And the experience of believers revealed in Hebrews 11 gives us examples of those who were sawn in two, who were stoned, and who were killed with the sword. Clearly, not every saint in Scripture was prosperous and blessed with life-long good health.

Here are a few more of the 21 misconceptions the author discusses: "When you miss an opportunity to share Christ with someone, it's your fault if that person goes to hell," "Not all believers are expected to evangelize, just those gifted in evangelism," and a tricky misconception: "If you want to be saved, just invite Jesus into your heart." A detailed study of the whole of Scripture will reveal the weakness of these misstatements.

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Type:   Evangelism

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