Our Biblical Baptist Heritage

by Glen H. Jones

Those who espouse dispensational theology and the pre-millennial return of Christ will welcome this brief history of Bible-believing independent Baptists. The contributing writers cover two major topics: 1) development of distinctive independent Baptist beliefs and practices; and 2) an outline to assure ongoing obedience to the Great Commission.

Baptists, especially independent Baptists, believe that local churches should be independent and autonomous. The biblical officers are pastors (also called elders, bishops, or overseers). The ordinances are two: baptism and the Lord's Supper. These ordinances have no saving efficacy, but are symbolic and memorial. Independent Baptists, generally, hold to the plenary (full, complete), verbal (every word) inspiration of the Scriptures. The vast majority of independent Baptists are dispensationalists and hold to the pre-millennial return of Christ to the earth.

The second major topic of the book emphasizes an outline to assure faithfulness to historical biblical Christianity. Baptists must continue to go, teach, baptize, and disciple believers. Baptists must hold fast to the inspiration of the Scriptures, the Virgin Birth, blood atonement, salvation by grace through faith, sanctification, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Second Coming of Christ.

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Type:   Doctrine and history

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