What's Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage?

by Glen H. Jones

One of America's most respected pastors and writers, D. James Kennedy in collaboration with Jerry Newcombe, has presented a persuasive argument against same-sex marriage. One man and one woman united in marriage for life has strong support from theology, psychology, and sociology. Contrary to today's media hype, divorce, adultery, and homosexuality do have tragic consequences. Humanity cannot violate God's oldest institution—marriage—with impunity.

The authors contend that the homosexual community wants more than homosexual marriage. They want their lifestyle to be accepted as legal and moral facts. Homosexual leaders push their message through several avenues. They hope to win favorable judicial opinions from leftist judges. They try to have their message required in public school curricula. They utilize the media to intimidate those who oppose their lifestyle. Those who speak against homosexuality are labeled as homophobic.

Kennedy and Newcombe discuss twelve reasons they are opposed to same-sex marriages: 1) God opposes homosexuality, 2) homosexuality goes against the natural order, 3) it goes against recorded history, 4) it will hurt children, 5) it cheapens marriage, 6) same-sex marriage will create a legal nightmare, 7) it will sink civilization into barbarianism, 8) it destabilizes society, 9) it promotes sexual perversion, 10) it will hurt women, 11) homosexual marriage produces no natural offspring,  and 12) legalizing same-sex marriage makes Christians the bad guys.

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