The Anatomy of Seduction

by Glen H. Jones

Pastor Hayford offers some biblical advice to Christians (especially men) on the snares of sexual sin. Even the most spiritual saint can fall into the trap of pornography, homosexuality, fornication, and adultery. The subtlest aspect of sexual sin is that it rarely comes full-bloom. It begins in the mind, ferments there, and manifests itself in the overt act. Hayford offers helpful advice to counteract this temptation.

The avenue into adultery follow these general steps: 1) mental preoccupation with the other person, 2) an unusual desire to be near the other person, 3) a growing desire to give frequent compliments, 4) the supposition that innocent flirtation is all right, 5) the approach to the other person to commit the sin.

The author urges any believer who senses that he is drifting into dubious thoughts to seek deliverance of the Holy Spirit. One must confess his sins, not attempting to whitewash his thoughts and/or conduct. Not only must one confess his sin, but he also must thoroughly renounce and abandon his sinful conduct. It may be necessary to confess one's sin to his spouse.

In an appendix Hayford answers questions about oral and anal sex.

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