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Takes Issue with "Hate" Criticism

I would like to take issue with Michael Lum's letter (February 05 issue) about "hate theology." He no doubt came to that conclusion from reading the chapter you printed. But I have read the complete book (If The Bible Is Really True . . . You Could Be In Big Trouble) and I can assure him it is not filled with hate. It was actually one of the most eye-opening and interesting  books I have read in some time. Just because a book finally comes out that is not filled with the usual clichés, scholarly baloney, or "sentimental lovey-dovey slop" does not mean it should be categorized as hate.

I will admit that some of Filicchia's comments are extremely blunt (and some might consider them brutal) but they are all supported by the Word of God, by a writer who obviously does his own thinking, which I found kind of refreshing. This is definitely a man's book, and the only Christian book I ever read that ends with a gun fight in an inner city diner. And that still doesn't make it "hate theology."

Mark Reading
Ocala, FL

Catches a Typo

I am writing to express my many, many thanks to y'all for allowing me to receive your Pulpit Helps paper. I have been able to build quite a good prayer notebook. All I need to do now is study harder.

In the "Father Abraham" section of the (March issue) you have no. 6 answer as Mark 14:4, when in fact it is Mark 14:3. Check it and see, and you'll find that I am right. It's no big deal, but I have a thing about being precise. I'm sure it's just a typographical error. I just hope and pray y'all can handle a little constructive criticism. I'm only attempting to help y'all. Besides, y'all have helped, and are helping me more than enough. Thank you.

Cameron Poulos
Ocean Springs, MS

Editor's response: You're right, both times—that is, Mark 14:3 is the right verse, and the mistake was a typo. Thanks for catching it, and we're glad Pulpit Helps has been helpful!

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