He Speaks to Me Everywhere: Meditations on Christianity & Culture

by A. Karen Davis

What does Christianity say about DNA, pre-game prayer, Dr. Phil, and RU-486? Philip Ryken, author and senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA, brings a deeply Christian worldview to all these topics and many more. Ryken once said, "I am interested in almost everything, and theology is about everything" (p. 11).

With vigor and biblical insight, Dr. Ryken spent Sunday evening services discussing a Christian understanding of contemporary culture. This book is the result of these meditations. He covers nine areas: love, marriage and family, sports and leisure, science and technology, politics, feasts and festivals, the Bible, church history, and Christianity today.

Notice the care used in developing an article about public prayer: "The Team that Didn't Have a Prayer" discusses the Supreme Court ban on pre-game prayer, asserting: "…school sponsorship of a religious message is impermissible because it sends the ancillary message to members of the audience who are non-adherents that they are outsiders." The "blitz of protest all over the South" included the true story of the Hattiesburg, Miss., students who began to recite the Lord's Prayer. When finished, they found the more than 4,000 fans accompanied them. Dr. Ryken points out the two-thirds of Americans believe the Supreme Court judged incorrectly.

He asks, however, "Is it wise to use pre-game prayer as a political football?" Prayer is not a political weapon, he points out, asserting that believers should be wary of turning everything into a matter of politics. The author concludes with the truth that prayer brings us to the presence of God with praises and petitions. We do not pray to make a political statement. Rather, God is our audience.

Each three-page article rivets the reader with story, Scripture, fresh insights and impeccable writing. I was frankly disappointed to finish the book. I wanted to listen to Dr. Ryken's insights on more of the complicated cultural issues of the 21st century.

Target: Pastor and Pew

Type: Meditations on Christianity and Culture

Take: Highest Recommendation

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