by Glen H. Jones

This reprint from the late Harry Ironside, one-time pastor of Chicago's Moody Church, presents a dispensational view of the Book of Revelation and of the Second Coming of Christ. Specifically, he holds to the premillennial, pre-wrath Second Coming of Christ. Ironside's exposition gives both a doctrinal and devotional analysis of this greatly-debated book of Scripture. Throughout the book one can see the exalted view of the Lord Jesus Christ the author holds.

Bible scholars generally hold to one of three views regarding the seven churches of Asia Minor (Rev. 2 and 3). The Preterist view holds that John's writing is symbolic, designed to comfort the early Christians. Those who espouse the Historical view claim that most of the events in the Revelation have already been fulfilled throughout history. Futurist scholars believe that most of the events outlined in the Revelation are yet future after the rapture of the Church. Ironside holds the Futurist view.

The seals (chapter 6), trumpets (chapters 8-9), and the bowls (chapter 16) are God's method to turn an unbelieving Israel to Himself and to punish Gentiles who have rejected the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ultimate goal of the Tribulation is to prepare the earth for the 1000-year reign of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ironside discusses the 144,000 Jewish evangelists who will win many to Christ during the Tribulation. He also gives considerable space to Babylon the Great, which he believes is the Roman Church.

After the millennial reign of Christ with His elect, the Son of God sits at the Great White Throne Judgment to banish all who have rejected Him. The devil, his fallen followers, and all Christ-rejecters are cast into the lake of fire to endure endless torment, while the redeemed love and serve God in the New Jerusalem and on the new earth.

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Type:   Bible Commentary

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