Follow Me (Christ's Call, Our Response)

by Glen H. Jones

This small, attractively-bound book dealing with the Christian walk, makes it a suitable gift for weddings and graduations. Its contents, too, are commendable. Prolific writer John MacArthur examines the lives of several people whom God has greatly used: Martin Luther, John the Baptist, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, the mother of Jesus, James, John, Matthew, and Thomas.

Despite their obvious differences, our Lord looked into their souls and drew out those strengths that would bring glory to His name. If we were to judge them by today's standards, some would be of questionable trustworthiness and others would be downright failures. Yet Jesus used them. Martin Luther was given to fits of depression, Simon Peter was impetuous, James the Less was a nobody, John wanted to call down fire on Jesus' enemies, Matthew associated with questionable characters, and Thomas was given to moods of doubting. Out of their weaknesses the Lord Jesus produced strength and usefulness.

Jesus took people where they were and led them to the place where He wanted them to be. That should encourage every believer. MacArthur sums up: "As we run the race of the Christian life and follow in the footsteps of the great men and women of faith, we can joyfully look forward to receiving the crown of righteousness, which we will cast at our Lord's feet as proof of our eternal love for Him." 

Target: All

Type:   Christian Living

Take:    Recommended

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