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Praise: Jordanian Christian Mom Wins Child Custody Battle with Muslim Uncle—More than a decade of prayer and persistence have paid off for a Christian widow from Jordan who only recently was awarded custody of her children. Eleven years ago Siham Qandah's husband lost his life while serving as a soldier in the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Kosovo. Soon afterward, when she tried to apply for orphan benefits for her children, the widow made an alarming discovery. Although Qandah and her family were Christians, her husband's brother, Al-Muhtadi, had submitted a forged document to the authorities claiming his brother had secretly converted back to Islam before his death. Al-Muhtadi engaged Qandah in a seven-year court battle to take custody of his minor niece and nephew in order to raise them as Muslims. Several times during the past three years, the Christian mother was forced into hiding to avoid possible arrest and separation from her children. Qandah's long legal battle is hopefully over, though the former guardian had the right to appeal the judgment within 30 days from the date of the ruling, April 12.

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Pray: More Christians Pass on Church—A recent study by the Barna Group identifies a growing trend for spiritual Americans to exercise their faith in places other than church, and George Barna said it would not be surprising if a larger portion of the born-again population shifts "from the churched' to unchurched' column of the ledger in the next 10 years."

Barna found that during a typical month, six out of 10 unchurched adults worship God in a place other than a church service. Three out of 10 study the Bible, and one out of seven have times of prayer and Bible reading with family members. Four out of 10 seek Christian enrichment through television, radio, magazines or faith-based Websites, and one-fourth of unchurched adults claim to have conversations with one or more friends who hold them accountable for carrying out their faith principles. Also, nearly 1 million unchurched adults tithe their income, though the money typically goes to a variety of parachurch ministries rather than a local church.

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Praise: Sudanese Arabs Liberate 336 Slaves, Pledge Other ReleasesIn addition to 336 Sudanese slaves being liberated between March 23 and April 14, through the mediation of Arab-Dinka Peace Committees, Arab cattle camp leaders have also pledged to free their remaining Dinka slaves. The pledge was given at an Arab-Dinka peace conference in Southern Sudan, on April 7-9.

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) gave the returning slaves grain rations and survival kits, including a cooking pot, mosquito net, plastic sheeting, a water container, a sickle and fishing hooks.

Chief Dut Majak Majak, the conference host, thanked CSI for promoting peace between Arabs and Dinkas for the past ten years. He also observed that all Dinkas attending the conference had relatives who had been freed from enslavement by CSI. John Eibner pledged CSI's continuing support for Arab-Dinka efforts to abolish slavery in Sudan. He also warned that unless the enslavement of Black Africans is rapidly eradicated in Darfur and other parts of Northern Sudan a comprehensive and lasting peace for the war torn country will remain elusive. 

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Praise: EvangeCube Helps Carry Reconciling Gospel Message to Rwanda—A simple evangelistic tool is helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in war-torn Rwanda. In "EvangeCube" or "e^3" training in Rwanda, Christians are taught to make use of a unique handheld tool, the "EvangeCube," which is designed to present the gospel through illustrations. Missionaries can use the device to help overcome barriers of language, literacy, or culture as they communicate the basic truths of their faith. The evangelistic training has shown great evidence of effectiveness already. Nathan Sheets of Global Missions Fellowship (GMF) said: "Of the churches that went out and did evangelism after we left, one church saw 97 people come to Christ the next day, another one 60, another one 67." The goals of GMF and EvangeCube for East Africa this year include planting 50 new churches, equipping 40,800 East Africans with EvangeCubes, and facilitating four million gospel presentations.

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