How to Retire Without Retreating (Getting Your Ducks in a Row for a Meaningful Retirement)

by glen H. Jones

In demonstrating that it is never too early to plan for retirement, Johnnie Godwin offers suggestions from his own experiences. Men need to prepare for some useful activity when they finally retire. Many women will also need counsel as they become widows.

The author points out some pitfalls for those who suddenly change their nine-to-five routine to none-to-five freedom. He even suggests that those who are able to should take a sabbatical to experience the relative freedom from daily routine. Above all, retirees should expect great changes in their daily routine.

Wives whose husbands retire may find their mates under foot too much and upsetting to the wife's household routine. Godwin offers some insight into this problem. He also gives some advice on using one's spare time in the service of others. Perhaps, he suggests, a part-time job or a volunteer position will add meaning to retirement.

The author also offers some advice on sexuality and physical fitness for the aging. Both mates may need to rearrange their priorities to accommodate the intimate needs of their mates. Too, as one retires he (or she) may find that his patterns of eating and exercise change drastically. Both husband and wife will need to assess their health needs in the retirement years.

A common concern for those who retire is how to make their money last until they die. Godwin gives several suggestions for investing and spending. "Determine to live within your means now and in all your retirement," states the author.

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