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Thanks for "A Pilgrim's Prayer"

Thank you to AMG International and Pulpit Helps magazine for publishing Director Lismby's "A Pilgrim's Prayer" in the May issue. Messianic Ministry to Israel is planning an "Our Journey Home" missions/tour to Israel next spring.

Brachot L'Cha ("Blessings for You")
Messianic Ministry to Israel
1-866-ISRAEL 8 (toll free)

And Thanks for Good Work

I love the paper. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Betty Stewart
Norman, Okla.

"Keep on Keeping on"

Just a note to express again what your paper has meant and still is meaning to me and my ministry as a pastor. Even after 54 years of pastoring, at 82 years of age I still look forward to the copies of Pulpit Helps.

I desire to encourage you and your staff to keep on Keeping On. Most of all that the Lord will continue to use you and that He will give you the encouragement that man can not give.

G. H. Gordon,
Jackson, MS

Editor's note: Thank you, dear readers, for letting us know that Pulpit Helps has truly been helpful. Your encouragement means a lot.

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