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Angered Over Article

I am terribly disappointed in Pulpit Helps. I couldn't believe what I saw yesterday (7/23/05) when I received the August issue. There, front and center, on the first page was an article by Rick Warren. I never expected to see Pulpit Helps begin to promote the Consumer Christianity, Easy Believism, and Feel Good Religion that is being promoted by Rick Warren. It seems he is more concerned about "nickels and noses" rather than lost souls. Pulpit Helps has always promoted "the old paths for rest for the soul," What has happened? Why not stay with your articles by Spurgeon and the Olfords? You have many good writers and really don't need Rick Warren.

Just the day before yesterday (7/22/05) I mailed you a check for another year's subscription but now I do not wish to receive Pulpit Helps any longer. Please discontinue my subscription immediately and refund any money due to me.

C. Wesley Kuntz, pastor
Crossroads Christian Church
Latrobe, PA

Editor's response: I have a hunch that if the article which upset this reader had run without a byline, he would have read and profited from its excellent suggestions. 

Questions Navajo Revival

A recent article entitled "Sweeping Revival" on the Navajo Reservation (August News, page 26) is a shock to me. Perhaps only on a given weekend during the time of the event or most of the time during the summer. It is during these times that churches are emptied and the camp meetings (Revival) are in full swing. An average of approximately 4 camp meetings per week.

There are over 500 native churches on the reservation, and most of them are still controlled by various denominations. Only a handful of them are incorporated independent. Listed are conditions of the native churches:

 1.  Missionary dependent denominations;

2.  Very few ordained pastors;

3.  Increase of women pastors (negligence of men in the churches);

4.  No "home church" concept;

5.  No desire to fully support (financially) their native pastors;

6.  No concept of church administration;

7.  No concept of missions;

8.  No church board;

9.  No church discipleship;

10. Pastor and wife control everything, including church finances;

11. No concept of church membership/baptism;

12. No church budget;

13.  No concept of maintaining church property;

14.  No concept of church discipline;

15.  Weak relationship among Christian families; and

16.  Lastly, native Christians are not committed to accept in-depth studies of Scriptures.

 Another area of concern; there are more evangelists than ordained pastors, a ratio of 10 to 1.

 History of myself: My name is Milt Shirleson.  The Lord Jesus Christ changed my life 29 years ago.  Approximately 10 of these years were spent being discipled by missionaries and pastors. Four years ago, I became the pastor of Good News Church in Houck, Arizona.  During the first two years, I had the church incorporated as an independent church. The church has many challenges and barriers but we are making improvements at a snail pace. Majority of the congregation do not have a solid biblical foundation. Time has been the biggest and precious asset.

Milt Shirleson

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