Moore Urges Women to Stand Against Assault on the American Mind

by Kelly Davis

There is a full-scale assault on the American mind," Bible teacher and best-selling author Beth Moore told 17,000 women attending the Living Proof Live Conference in Indianapolis, June 3-4. It's time for Christians to stand up and "take our places as warriors on the battlefield," she asserted.

Negative cultural influences have seduced the minds of Americans, she said, warning, "You and I have got to wake up because the hour is late and much work against us has already been accomplished."

Moore also called for the women to "be holy because God is holy," noting, ‘God will never tell us to do or to be anything that He does not equip us to do or to be. It is not the impossible dream. It is a practical reality that takes place on the hot pavement of our lives."

Encouraging women to learn to love God not only with all their hearts but also with their entire minds, Moore outlined political, historical, and scientific examples of the assault on the American mind.

"It's frightening times when we're told to keep our belief systems behind the doors of the church," she said, noting the societal trend of denying absolute truth.

Targeting the dangers of revisionist history, Moore said, "There are books that are perpetuating a lie that our founding fathers were not Christian. For those who are trying to sell the agenda of revisionist history," she noted, "it's very unfortunate that George Washington has that famous pose down on his knee imploring the help of the Almighty. [Christianity] is engrained in the absolute soil of this nation."

Regarding the scientific assault on the mind, Moore said evolution is being packaged as a fact, not a theory. "What's being sold to us is an agenda, not a science," she said. The agenda of evolutionists has made its way to the university classroom, one of the most critical battlegrounds of the mind for how it affects future American leaders.

Issuing a clarion call to "Prepare your minds for action," Moore said preparing the mind includes taking every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ, citing 2 Corinthians 10:5.

"Every one of us has a call on our life," she said. "Your life was meant to bear fruit to the glory of God."

Carol Lynch from Evansville, Ind., said she appreciated that Moore "drove home that the time is now. God's plan and His Kingdom are in our hearts and our hands," Lynch said. "We must pick up the mantle and proclaim that God is our absolute truth—the foundation of our homes and our country. Tomorrow can't wait."

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