by Bob Gerow

Conventional wisdom portrays heaven as an endless, static state bearing little resemblance to the diversity and industry of our earthly life. We decry the evil and corruption that are part of our life and environments. We long for relief and a better world, but the hope of heaven-as-we-commonly-think-of-it is often little more than, "anything is better than this!"

Randy Alcorn turns conventional wisdom on its head.

A friend recommended that I read the book. My first thought was, "How does one find enough to write about heaven to fill 500 pages?" Almost all of those pages later, I have begun to view my life, calling, and the world in which I live differently.  

That is what Alcorn actually hoped would happen. "If we understand what ‘a new heaven and a new earth' means, we will look forward to it. Anticipating our homecoming will motivate us to live spotless lives here and now. Recognizing our future life on a resurrected Earth can help empower us…" to face life's challenges with courage and meaningful hope.

The great strength of the book is Alcorn's skillful mix of solid theology with humble caution. Time and time again he urges us to check out his conclusions for ourselves. He presents a compelling case for his conclusions but unashamedly alerts the reader to those places where his conclusions "follow" the line of reasoning but do not have direct "chapter and verse" support. As a result you will find an overwhelmingly convincing case without feeling like it is being shoved down your throat.

If you ever thought that understanding heaven was beyond human imagination, this book will be a joyful surprise. 

Target: General Audience

Type:   Christian Living

Take:     A "Must Read"

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