"JESUS" Film Sees Conversions Around the Globe

(Editor's note: The following short articles, which demonstrate the globe-girdling ministry of "JESUS" film teams, are adapted from The JESUS Film World Report—a series of one-minute radio scripts about The JESUS Film Project.)

Osama Bin Laden House Used to Show "JESUS" Film

During the 1990s, Osama Bin Laden hid out in an isolated part of a large northeast African country for two and a half years. It is possible that some of the planning for the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were carried out in that camp.

Recently "JESUS" film volunteers managed to get into one of those training camps, where they showed the "JESUS" film to hundreds. For the second showing, the team fastened a sheet on the wall of a home formerly­ belonging to Osama Bin Laden!

During the film, the five-times-daily calls to prayer issued from the community's loudspeaker, yet not a single person got up to pray.  Even though the prayers went on for three to four minutes, no one left the film showing.

When the film concluded, more than 40 people trusted Christ! Nine others met with the volunteers later, secretly asking for Bibles!

Witch Doctors See the Light

Witch doctors are turning from their evil ways, toward Christ after "JESUS" film showings in Central Africa.

The number of witches in villages around the city of Bossangoa is growing.  Even the government of the Central African Republic recognizes witchcraft as a threat, and routinely imprisons witches.

A "JESUS" film team recently traveled to each village showing the film. Many witches came to watch, and at the end of the showing most renounced their witchcraft and gave their lives to Christ.

Since the showings began, 18 new churches have been started. Hundreds of new believers are now learning more about Jesus and basic foundations of their faith. Local pastors are calling "JESUS" "the miracle film."

The "JESUS" Film Penetrates Remote Indian Mountains

A two-man film team treks through dangerous forests and mountainous terrain to reach remote villages in India with the "JESUS" film. One carries the heavy generator and gas can, while the other shoulders a projector and speakers. The team hikes for miles to reach villages in the Ghat Mountains in India.

When they arrive, they don't know where they'll sleep that night. If they can't find a place for rest, they'll have to leave the forest before sunset, because of the dangers of the wild. Fortunately they've always received shelter.

These men have discovered that almost everyone in the isolated tribal areas wants to know about Jesus. Thousands have given their lives to Christ after watching the "JESUS" film.  And through this two-man team, many churches have been planted.

Gang Gets More than Money

Gang members in Belarus got something more valuable than money after attempting to rob a "JESUS" film team last spring. The staff members were walking to a bus stop after showing the film when a gang attacked, demanding that they empty their pockets. 

Fortunately for the team, all they had in their pockets were gospel tracts. The confrontation took a turn for the better when the "JESUS" film staff asked the men whether they had ever heard of having a relationship with Christ. When they replied "no," the staff shared about Christ's love and forgiveness for them.

After several hours of discussion about God's love, the gang let the team go. When they departed, the gang members said it was the first time they had ever let anyone go.  

Mission Team Visits Thailand

A team of Americans traveled to Thailand for a two-week outreach, visiting four communities. The team showed the "JESUS" film in high-traffic areas throughout the villages. While the men set up the equipment, the women on the team joined local volunteers going house-to-house to invite people to the film. 

Three children offered to help promote the "JESUS" film. With enthusiasm, they ran down the streets, telling everyone about the showing that night. 

One hundred seventy five people attended the showing—and several raised their hands, indicating their decisions to trust Christ. After the screening, the Americans handed out one hundred "JESUS" film VCDs.

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