Lord of All

by Glen H. Jones

An anti-Christian worldview is slowly spreading a culture of unbelief across American society. This culture is trying to completely remove God and the Lord Jesus Christ from politics, education, and business. In its place these purveyors of religious hatred want to substitute an immoral evolutionary belief system that accepts abortion, homosexuality, and adultery as politically correct. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe have dedicated themselves to strengthening a Christian worldview.

Evolution by its very nature espouses an anti-Christian worldview. If humans have evolved from a lower life form, we are not a product of divine creation; we have no soul; Adam and Eve were not the first of God's creation; therefore, original sin is a fantasy of Bible-thumping preachers. If we are not created being responsible to a Creator, then we can live our lives without fear of eternal results. The authors believe that evolution will eventually collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. Already some evolutionists have stated that life as we now know it could not possibly have occurred by evolution. The Christian worldview is that humanity was created by God; therefore, each person is of infinite worth.

Cloning and stem cell research are other facets of one's world view. The popular notion of cloning is to produce a full-grown copy of another person. Those who are involved in cloning, however, are more interested in cloning in order to harvest stem cells—which involves killing the embryo. If we accept that life is created by God, then killing an embryo means killing a human life.

The authors believe that Christian statesmen need to return to the original intent of the founding fathers, who had a strong commitment to a belief in God and the sacredness of individual human rights. Court decisions have twisted the original intent of the Constitution and have permitted abortion and same-sex marriages. Courts have also progressively banned Christian thought and practice from schools, politics, and the work place. Kennedy and Newcombe believe Christians need to take back control of the courts and the legislative chambers and return to the principles of the founding fathers.

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