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Youth Seeks Joseph Update

Will put a check in mail tomorrow for 3 years. We love Pulpit Helps. We were hit heavily by Katrina and did not realize we were not getting it. We have been reading past issues of Pulpit Helps during this time and it blesses our souls all over again.

By the way has there been a follow up to the story of Joseph, the Sudanese youth who was crucified? (Joseph was nailed to a cross by his cruel "owner," when the boy stole away to attend a church service. The story ran in Pulpit Helps July, 2004 issue.)

My 12-year-old nephew has shared this story with hundreds of people and is still sharing. He just cried as he read this.

He has a very unusual collection. He collects crosses, figurines of Jesus and crucifixion memorabilia. He loves the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. He has loved it since a toddler. There have been 3 articles in papers about him and his cross collection. To date he has about 120+ and still collecting. He weeps every time he hears about the love of God and Jesus dying on the cross. So this article really hit home with him.

Please let us know if there is an update.

G.E. Crocker
United Pentecostal Church of Gautier
Gautier MS

Editor's note: The most recent report from Persecution Project Foundation says that Joseph was examined by Dr. Richard Bransford, of Bethany Crippled Children Center in Kijabi, Kenya, and found not to need surgery for his crucifixion wounds. Not only has his physical condition improved but also his spiritual and emotional health are much, much better-as evidenced by his big smile!

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Power Is in the Word

Most recently I was very encouraged by Mohler's article ("The Need for Biblical Preaching," July front page). I do believe there is a significant lack of biblical preaching throughout the Churches of Christ and Evangelicals everywhere. I did not perceive Mohler's call to a return to expository preaching to be the least bit offensive or off-base. On the contrary, it was timely and necessary.

As to Squyre's request (Forum, September, 2005) for examples of expository sermons, the Sermon at Pentecost, especially Acts 2:22-36, is an excellent example. Stephen's defense/sermon to the high priest in Acts 7 is another beautiful example of expository preaching. Phillip "began from this Scripture, [and] preached Jesus to [the eunuch]" (Acts 8:35). Expository preaching is about letting the Bible speak for itself! In doing so, God's thoughts-greater as they are than ours-will be revealed!

David Srygley
Price Road Church of Christ
Brownsville, TX

Let's Get It Right

On page 14 of the October, 2005, issue of Pulpit Helps there is an article entitled "Fighting the Fight of Faith." There is a statement made, I know not if it is editorial or authorial, "It is interesting to observe that in the elaboration of the armor that the Christian is to wear, there is nothing provided to protect the back: the Christian must face the enemy, if he is to win the day." I agree that, in any battle, we must not only face our enemy, but we must prosecute the battle.

However, misstating the truth of God's Word will not help in the battle. The above statement has been accepted as truth for at least as long as my forty-one years of ministry-probably a whole lot longer. So long, it has become an old wives tale-like hot water will freeze faster than cold water. In both cases the statements are false. What happened to the "girdle of truth"? When Paul penned the words of Ephesians, the girdle was what held the pieces of armor in place. A girdle still surrounds the body. This girdle is the girdle of truth. John 8:32: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Christ's words recorded in John 17:17 "Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth." Since God's Word is truth, then truth is sharper than a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12). This means that the battle-weary soldier may momentarily turn his back on the enemy, but he is still protected by the truth.

Bruce A. Jenkins
Eagle MI

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