God's Interruptions

by Jan Silvious

Interruptions are often irritating. And one of the most irritating are salespeople on the telephone!

I feel for them. I know they have a job to do. But their calls never come at a convenient time, and I consider their sales pitch an intrusion into my daily routine.

I know of one woman, however, who sees such calls as divine appointments. Using her own special style of witnessing, she has led five or six telephone salespersons to the Lord.

Jesus, too, was never troubled by interruptions. These words in The Quest for Serenity, by G. H. Morling, are disturbingly convicting: "Consider the self-oblivious gentleness of our Lord's responses to the demands of men—always seeing in the tiresome claims of others the overruling claim of God."

In the hundreds of interruptions of our lives, is it possible that there really could be a divine purpose? Could God actually be saying something to us?

Let these words sink in: "A valuable study of the Gospels could be made, noticing how many times Jesus gave some of His greatest teachings in circumstances where He had simply been interrupted. How different this is from us; we hate to be interrupted. To Jesus, the importance seemed to lie in the person whose path had crossed His own. Things don't just "happen" in the providence of God. The interruption may well be our highest task at that very moment."1

Think about the potential interruptions that may change your plans today. It may be from one of your children who pulls a stunt to get your attention. It may be from a neighbor who drops in unannounced, but in deep need of your concern. It may be from someone you see at the mall, a total stranger, or from the person who works beside you. How will you respond? How will you handle the change in your plans?

I pray that you and I will have the spiritual sensitivity to view the interruptions of our lives as if God Himself were knocking on the door of our hearts!


G. H. Morling and Ruth Bell Graham, The Quest for Serenity, Word, 1989.

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