What Does the Bible Say About... The Ultimate Bible Answer Book

by Glen H. Jones

Almost every Bible student has used a concordance to locate Scripture passages that contain a specified word or phrase. Brian Ridolfi has given us instead a Bible subject dictionary. Rather than giving us explanations of the word, the writer lists a number of Bible verses that pertain to the word under review. Several verses in their entirety are printed in the book—thus resulting in a very large book.

All verses are in the King James Version. Unlike Strong's Concordance, not all verses on a given subject are included. The selection of verses, however, appears to give a well-rounded presentation of the word under consideration. Both proper and common words are included. Verses are given without commentary.

Some subject entries also have subheadings. For example, under Marriage are: How Long Are Wives Bound to Their Husbands, Husbands and Wives Being One, Prudent Wives, The Contention of a Wife, The Duties of a Husband, The Duties of a Wife, The Rewards for Marrying Idolaters, The Rights of Marriage, Those Who Do Not Marry, Those that Love Their Wife, plus nine other subheadings. Scripture verses are listed under each subheading.

Those who teach, preach, or enjoy in-depth Bible study may find this book helpful. The most useful feature is that complete verses are printed in the book.

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