Stories of Hope, a Book About Choices

by Ted Kyle

Stories of Hope is indeed about choices—specifically, about mothers-to-be who have visited a Hope Pregnancy Center in Broward County, Florida. Some of these women are open to the message of life for their babies from the centers' counselors—and some are also open to the message of spiritual life for themselves, also offered by the counselors, as occasion allows.

Hope naturally focuses chiefly on the program's success stories, but without ignoring the resistance encountered from women whose sole interest is the destruction of the life growing within their wombs. And they are wonderful, encouraging stories—not only of little lives spared but also of incipient mothers coming to terms with motherhood and finding ways to either keep their children or allow them to be adopted.

Unfortunately, many of the women who say they could never give their child away are unable to see the absurdity of loving their babies so much they would rather abort them than give them up.

The book's sections—each offering several brief stories of real-life victories—and sometimes defeats—are: Adoption, Saved from Abortion, Abstinence, Abortion, Stories of Hope, Your Child May be Mentally or Physically Challenged, and Post-Abortion.

Hope is a poignant, sometimes haunting, always uplifting insight into the day-by-day encounters at Christian Pregnancy Centers across the country. Read it and pass it along to where it will do the most good.

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