The Difference a Father Makes (Calling Out the Magnificent Destiny in Your Children)

by Glen H. Jones

Pastor and former NFL player Ed McGlasson offers some fatherly advice gleamed from interaction with his five children. While one should never underestimate the influence a father makes on the lives of his children, those fleeting days and years are too soon gone. Children become adolescents and then adults. The wise father will take the time to mold his children for the glory of God.

The author emphasizes that fathers must take the necessary time to discover the hidden treasures with their children. A father can help his child unearth and develop the treasure within. "Kids don't want bigger houses, faster cars, or more money in the bank. What they really want is this: What does my dad really think of me? (p.25). A dedicated father will seek to communicate to his child that he is of infinite worth.

When a child is young, his father guides, instructs, corrects his child as well as providing for his physical and emotional needs. A time comes, however, when the most important event in a child's life is the passage from childhood to young adulthood. McGlasson cites two moving stories involving his own children that propelled his offspring from childhood into young adulthood.

Ed closes his book by asking, "What kind of father will you be?" Will I be the kind of father whose children shout, "Daddy's home!" Or will the children regret to see Father walk through the door?

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