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Pray: Navy Chaplain May Lose Job for Praying in the Name of Jesus—Religious intimidation in the Armed Services has caught the attention of both houses of Congress. Due to a 1998 regulation, chaplains are not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus. "You know our soldiers and sailors, they go overseas to promote religious freedom for other people, but here in America, they can't even hear the diversity of religions from their own chaplains," said Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is facing termination of a stellar 14-year career after his commanding officer "told a Navy board that Klingenschmitt overemphasizes his own faith system, and he was talking about my sermons and prayers, and he specifically cited the Chaplain School director who told him that I was an immature chaplain because I pray in Jesus' name." Jim Backlin of the Christian Coalition believes the situation presents a chance for President Bush to get involved, and so far seventy-four congressmen have signed a letter asking the president to take action.

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Pray: Catholic West Bank Villagers Protest Against Israeli Separation Barrier—Catholic residents of the small West Bank village of Aboud joined a protest Nov. 18 against the Israeli barrier wall which, if built as planned, would cut off their villlage from more than 1,200 acres of farmland belonging to the village The village has appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court for a rerouting of the wall, but the court has not ruled on the case. Losing the village lands, said parish member and village council member Saleh Saleh, 29, is "like losing something from your body or your soul."

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Praise: Falsely Jailed Egyptian Christian Freed After 28 Months—An Egyptian Coptic Christian jailed without charges for 28 months has been released from the Al-Gharbaliat Prison near Alexandria. Hany Samir Tawfik, 29, was set free on June 28, seven months after his case was first publicized outside Egypt. He had been arrested by Egypt's State Security Investigation (SSI) authorities on March 3, 2003. A Christian who had gone to Saudi Arabia to work, Tawfik was deported to Egypt in the summer of 2002 after requesting asylum from the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh. He was promptly detained for interrogation at Cairo's notorious State Security Investigations (SSI) headquarters but released after 52 days. Seven months later, Tawfik was again arrested under unknown accusations.

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Pray: Most Americans Feel Religion Is Under Attack—A new survey shows the majority of Americans think religion is "under attack" and "losing influence" in American life. According to the poll, "American Attitudes Toward Religion in the Public Square," 64% of 800 adults polled agreed with the statement that "religion is under attack" in the U.S., and 80% of those who identify themselves as evangelical Christians were in agreement. The poll also found 53% of respondents believe that religion is "losing influence" in American life while 35% said it is "increasing influence." Among those who think religion is losing influence, 60% are evangelical Christians, while 33% of that same group said religion is increasing in influence.

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