Trading Places, Allowing God to Renovate Your Life

by Ted Kyle

Steve Wyatt has written a really good book about the exchanged life. Part One illustrates the Great Exchange. Part Two, by far the largest section, illustrates the great exchange at work, through the lives of several personalities in the Bible. Among them, for instance, Ruth traded loneliness for loyalty; Joseph traded rejection for royalty; David traded sheep for subjects; Esther beauty for bravery; and Saul/Paul violence for victory. Part Three centers on the cross as the place of exchange. Along the way, Wyatt makes some telling points. My personal favorite comes in his summing up of the life of Joseph: "Our world is chock full of broken, bitter people-simply because their dreams were shattered. But Joseph has taught me that: if I allow God to be the who that controls my life; if I'll just stop wrestling and trust in His perfect timing; if I'll just quit begging for what I think I deserve and wait instead for His unconditional promise then my life will far exceed my dreams." Another great conclusion comes in the author's summation of Esther's life: "Waiting time is not wasted time. Instead, like Esther, look at the whole of your life as merely God's preparation for such a time as this'" Trading Places is a book to read for personal gain and to recommend to the entire church.
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