Songs From Heaven

by Glen H. Jones

The composer of "That's Why We Praise Him" and "He Knows My Name" offers some practical suggestions to would-be composers. The author is unsure that creativity can be taught, but more concrete practices can be developed. Walker believes, first and foremost, that his songs arise out of his meditation on the Word and on the work of Christ in his life. He says that almost all his songs are worship songs. Some worship songs are generated from events, such as the September 11, 2001, tragedy. Others evolve from the composer's quiet times-meditating on the Word and prayer. Still other songs spring from listening to the pastor's sermon. A change in surroundings may generate an idea for a new song. Writing the music involves fitting the melody to the words. Melodies may come from established melodies (with several changes) or from a totally new idea. Walker cautions that one who bases his music on someone else's song should be careful not to infringe on another's copyright. Walker offers several suggestions for writing lyrics, such as use of rhyme, word pictures, and themes that speak to the heart. The writer concludes with advice on marketing the song, copyrighting the material, and dealing with publishers. The composer must remember that writing worship songs is a ministry. The writer must always keep money and ministry in proper perspective.
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