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Pray: Terrorists Kidnap Native Gospel for Asia Missionary in India—Gospel for Asia (GFA) President K.P. Yohannan is calling on Christians everywhere to pray after word was received recently that terrorists kidnapped one of the ministry's native missionaries in India's east-central Chattisgarh State. Pastor Subhash, a young single missionary who has already started five mission stations with 28 believers, was returning home in a taxi with five other people—but they never reached their destination. "Subhash's parents received a letter that said he had been kidnapped by an extremist Marxist group known as the Naxalites," explained Yohannan in an e-mail report. "The letter did not mention any ransom or other demand, but did ask that Subhash's parents "help in order to secure his safe release  Please pray for Subhash's safe release. Pray also for his parents, that God will be with them through this ordeal. And please join me and the rest of the GFA family in praying for all of our persecuted brothers and sisters across South Asia who are suffering at the hands of anti-Christian elements."

Gospel for Asia via MissionNet

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Praise: India's Lowest Class Helps Spread Gospel to the Highest Class—Bibles for the World is reaching India's leaders with the gospel through the country's most oppressed class. The majority of people coming to Christ in India are from the Dalit caste, the lowest caste of society. The country's 300 million Dalits are often known as "untouchables." Bibles for the World is mailing Bibles that are going into the homes of doctors, lawyers, and business people that missionaries can't reach. The blessing is that new Dalit believers are doing the work. "Our native evangelists and pastors are making disciples of these new believers," said Mawii Pudaite of Bibles for the World. "When we bring them together they also have the opportunity to have an hour or more as needed to teach them the Word of God. And then, they in turn go home and tell their families and start a little house church. Isn't it interesting the untouchable outcasts, whom they can't even employ inside their homes are now wrapping these Bibles for the elite."

Mission Network News

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Praise/Pray: American high school seniors favor stricter restrictions on abortion rights, but they cannot bring themselves to support overturning the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. A survey released Jan. 5 showed the following pro-life results among 1,000 12th-graders polled:

About two-thirds of high school seniors believe parental consent should be required before a woman under age 18 can have an abortion.

About two-thirds say they consider abortion to be always or usually "morally wrong."

A majority says a poor woman unable to afford another child should not have a legal right to an abortion.

If they become pregnant, 70% of female seniors say they would not consider abortion while in high school; 67% of males in the class of 2006 say they would not want a young woman they impregnated to consider abortion.

In the case of a 12th-grader who becomes pregnant, 54% of seniors say she should give the child up for adoption; 26% say she should keep the baby; and 13% say she should have an abortion.

The poll, however, showed 62% of the seniors still favor preservation of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. About half described themselves as "pro-choice" and said abortion should be legal in "all" or "most" cases.

Dennis Gilbert, a Hamilton College sociology professor, said the college's eighth poll on "hot button issues" provided a major surprise in demonstrating the conservatism of the class of 2006.

Baptist Press

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Praise: 3.3 Million Worldwide Complete Ministry's Bible StudiesAmid earthquakes, droughts, famines, hurricanes and civil wars, people around the world last year responded to the Bible League's outreach in record numbers. More than 3.3 million of the ministry's Bible studies were completed during 2005, and many of these people received their own copies of God's Word as a result. In Southeast Asia alone, more than 1 million Bible studies were completed, a 34% increase from 2004. These totals reflect the dedication of the ministry's staff and volunteers in more than 50 countries, said Mike Southworth, executive vice president of ministries.

Bible League via MissionNet

Praise: Operation Nativity Campaign Draws Positive Response—A retired pastor says his campaign to promote nativity scenes during the 2005 Christmas season went far better than he ever expected. Retired pastor Charles Nestor wanted to do something different this holiday season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. That desire led to Operation Nativity, the minister's effort to encourage people to display depictions of the holy birth—and he found himself amazed by the campaign's success. "The support and the response was just really heartwarming, not only from the grassroots but in the media," Nestor said. "As far away as Europe and Australia, if you can believe it, people responded." One church alone was responsible for 500 nativity scene displays.

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