The Deliberate Church

by Glen H. Jones

Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hills Baptist Church (Washington, D.C.), collaborates with Paul Alexander to offer practical pastoral advice. Both writers believe that preaching (i.e. theology) cannot be divorced from practical Christian living. Primary among pastoral responsibilities are the four P's: preaching, praying, personal discipleship, and patience. The minister's primary goals should be to clearly enunciate the gospel of Christ and to develop mature believers. Evangelism must clearly state that faith in Christ is more than a mere intellectual assent. Conversion involves the entire person and requires a commitment to a different way of life. With that in mind, the church must require a new-members' class that stresses a life-long commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and integration into the life and work of the church. Music is an essential part of church worship and life; the wise music director will provide a wide variety of music that meets the differing needs of the congregation. Choosing and training elders must occupy the pastoral leadership's time and prayer. Elders are men who have consistently demonstrated adherence to New Testament standards: a clear understanding of biblical doctrines of Christ, salvation, the ordinances, and must be spiritual leaders in their own homes. Dever suggests a one- or two-year training period before an elder is affirmed by the congregation. The authors offer some helpful advice in choosing and developing church staff members and also provide some insight into selecting and guiding deacons with their responsibilities.
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