Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today

by Bob Gerow

At first blush one might think obeying the Great Commission is not that hard-"Go and make disciples of all nations." But a sampling of chapter headings in Hesselgrave's new book alerts the reader to the challenge: "Sovereignty and Free Will," "Power Encounter and Truth Encounter," "A Call for Missionaries or a Divine Calling?" It turns out that devout hearts and thoughtful minds have wrestled with strategy-altering issues in missions for a long time. In Paradigms in Conflict, the author sets out to explain ten pivotal issues and to lay the groundwork for thoughtful disciple-makers still to come. Paradigms in Conflict is a thoughtful study that demonstrates a breadth of understanding born out of years of study and practice of what it means to be a missionary. Hesselgrave traces the development of central ideas in missions theory and practice, defends positions he believes require it, but also leaves some positions for the reader to decide-as long as the reader understands the outcome. Ideas do have consequences. Hesselgrave's strongest contribution may be a perspective that is truly global and that addresses the task of the church in our day. Given the world in which we live, a work that speaks as clearly to a believer overseas as it does to a U.S. seminarian is sure to make a significant difference. Target: Disciple-makers Type: Missions Theory Take: Worth Every Effort
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