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Bravo, Edwards!
After reading the letters about Edwards' item in the 03-06 edition of Pulpit Helps, and noticing the e-mail addresses for the author and the paper, I felt I just had to let you know how I feel. I wholeheartedly agree with the article and am grateful that you have the courage to publish such. I notice that at least one asked to be taken off your mailing list and his subscription canceled. Fine! I sincerely believe that, if others read such items, they will step up to replace his membership and your circulation will increase. Edwards has a message we need to hear! Thanks again.
A. J. Alderman, evangelist
Aerie Ministries
Thank You for Your Bold Stand
I have just finished reading some reviews of the articles by Wayne Edwards and was alarmed by those who took issue with the concepts and truths shared. I do not see the same things which the critics are seeing in the articles.
I appreciate your stand on the "truth" and continue to speak out even when it isn't popular.
I went to school in Chattannoga at Tennessee Temple University back in the sixties, and became familiar with AMG ministries back then. I then began to purchase the Zodhiates' books and have been an avid speaker for the Lord and the truth of the Word of God. I also have been familiar with Pulpit Helps and "Family Helps" for many years and appreciate those ministries to my heart, although I'm disappointed that "Family Helps" has gone by the way.
Please keep on with this faithful publication and be assured of my prayers as a pastor and friend of Pulpit Helps.
Gary Robinson
Amazed at Responses
As a new subscriber I am amazed to read the responses to your summary articles from Mr. Wayne Edwards's book. The rather brusque spirit revealed in some of the letters makes me wonder what has happened to the understanding of John 13:34. While I, for one, agree with much of what Mr. Edwards has said, I don't find sufficient reason to become indignant toward those who disagree.
Where I live, as in all major communities, we have our fair share of the "super-churches" filled with "worshipers" who think they are doing the "right" thing, and maybe they are? But as a rule they've reduced their services to one time on Sundayand prayer meetings have taken a back seat to coffeehouse get-togethers to discuss the latest topics. And no one seems too concerned that the discussion doesn't necessarily conclude in an absolute truth but rather in a consensus of opinion.
Their motives are probably good; after all they're only trying to make lots of new converts. But as a pastor friend reminded me recently, the church was not commissioned to make converts. It was commissioned to make disciples. The true test of who's right or wrong in this matter will be in whether on not the lives of those who participate are transformed into active and productive disciples. Remember, it was Jesus who said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt. 7:16).
Richard A. Foust
Till Road Christian Center
Fort Wayne, IN
Edwards on the Issue
Evidently the May issue of PH has hit the mail. My e-mail has been busy over the weekend (April 22-23). Thanks for printing the critical reviews as well-some folks have stepped up to defend me!!
Again, my whole desire is to get people to "think" before following a fad. As Paul said, our ministry must not rest upon "the wisdom of man, but the wisdom of God!"
Thanks again,
Puzzle a Wonderful Tool
Would like you to know the new Bible Word Puzzle with the fill-in-the-blanks questions is a wonderful tool to help people not only concentrate at solving word puzzles, but also a wonderful way of getting folks involved with reading the Bible to find the answers. I hope and pray it continues to be published.
Jerry R. Lovett, pastor
Bethany Baptist Church
Lake, MI
Editor's response: Your letter and the others have convinced us. We will keep running the Bible WordPuzzles.
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