Hail and Farewell

by Ted Kyle

Bob DasalOn June 9, Pulpit Helps lost a major part of its leadership, with the departure of editor-in-chief Bob Dasal, who is pursuing his career in a new direction.

We will miss his steady hand at the helm. And, speaking more personally, I will miss the camaraderie and the easy meeting of minds which characterized our relationship. Bob was - is - my dear brother in Christ, and though we came from different denominational backgrounds - Bob had been a Baptist pastor for twenty-nine years in Missouri, while I came to the Lord in an independent Christian church in Oregon - we both agreed that the Word of God ruled, and thus found unity in Jesus Christ.

For the record, Bob came on board in November, 1997. Since then he has seen the development of Pulpit Helps into a multi-media publication, with both an electronic Web version, including data bases, and most recently a digital version which is literally an on-screen copy of the magazine.

But, nothing in this life stands still, and now our ways have parted - though not our friendship. May our heavenly Father continue to guide your ways and bless your ministry!

Meanwhile, leadership at AMG - Pulpit Helps' parent organization - is conducting a search for the next editor-in-chief. Until the right person is found and brought on board, AMG President Paul Jenks will function as publisher and Executive Vice President Tasos Ioannidis will serve as editor-in-chief.

Ted Kyle is Managing Editor of Pulpit Helps.

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