Whatever it Takes

by Muriel Larson

Whatever it takes in our lives to make us the kind of people who can help others, Lord," Pastor John Vaughn and his wife, Brenda, vowed together, "that's what we want!"

These two dedicated Christians realized that such a commitment might result in some fiery trial of their faith-but they never dreamed of what a great trial it would be-or imagined the amazing results that would come because of it.

Not long, after this couple made that vow, John came home to find fire trucks, police, and an ambulance at his house. In horror he saw that it had been badly damaged by fire. "What's happened to Brenda and our children?" he cried to his neighbor.

"Your two older children are okay," his neighbor said, "but, John, Brenda and the baby, they're burned badly!"

The months that followed seemed like a nightmare to John and Brenda. Brenda spent six months in a hospital five hours from their home. Little Becky had been flown to a special children's care hospital in Ohio.

God Meets the Needs

"The expenses incurred were tremendous," John says. "But we had hundreds of Christians all over the world praying, not only for the recovery of my wife and daughter, but also that God would supply all our needs. Christians we didn't know sent us money."

While John was at the hospital in Ohio, he received a check for $1,500 from someone to help with expenses. The brilliant doctor who was treating little Becky came in to look at her. Knowing he was a skeptic, John said, "My wife and I have just been praying and trusting the Lord to meet all our needs, and look at what somebody sent us!" He showed the doctor the check.

The doctor stared at it, then looked up at John. "You remind me of Winfred Grenfell!" he exclaimed. "Did you ever hear of him?"

"Yes, sir, I believe he was a medical missionary, wasn't he?"

"Yes, I read a story about him once. He used to pray for things and get them. I never met anybody like that, until now."

Praise the Lord! John thought. What an opportunity this check has given me to talk to this great man about the Lord! So he proceeded to share the good news of God's love for man and how He sent His beloved Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins that we might be forgiven and have everlasting life.

As John flew home, he thought, Perhaps someday, because a Christian obeyed the Lord and sent us that check in answer to our prayers, that fine surgeon will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior! During this entire trial John and Brenda saw and experienced many other amazing evidences of God's hand in this trial. They saw Him meet every need and answer many prayers.

God Expands the Ministry

John had been the pastor of a very small church in Greenville, SC. As people heard about this couple's trial and their faith, they started flocking to the church. The church now has a large complex to accommodate all the people. Thus John and Brenda's ministry has been multiplied tremendously.

The story doesn't end there, however. As a result of Becky's having been handicapped by her burning, John felt led to start the "Hidden Treasure Christian School" for handicapped, learning disabled, or mentally disabled children in the Greenville area. Thus, through John and Brenda's humble sacrifice of their lives to God, thousands are being blessed.

"Consecration is handing God a blank sheet to fill in, with your name signed at the bottom"-M. H. Miller.

Muriel Larson has had 17 books and thousands of first and reprint writings and songs published. As "Dr. Muriel," she gives advice by email for Campus Crusade's Christian Women Today and Women Today online magazines. Her Website is: advicedrmuriel.blogspot.com

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