The Spirit-Filled Life

by David and Stephen Olford

Text: "Be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit" (Eph. 5:18).

Thought: To know in experience the truth of being filled with the Spirit will mean the lifting of everyday life out of the monotonous into the momentous; from the low level of carnal living to the high level of spiritual living. Let us therefore consider this subject in terms of:

The Importance of the Spirit-Filled Life. "Be filled with the Spirit." The life lived in the fullness of the Spirit is important because the Word of God commands it. Paul is not here giving a promise, offering a blessing, or even suggesting a quality of life: he is issuing a command. It is important also because the work of God demands it. The study of the Acts of the Apostles will convince even the casual reader that no work can be done for the Lord apart from the filling of the Holy Spirit (see 4:8; 7:55; 11:54; 13:9).

The Implications of the Spirit-Filled Life. "Be filled with the Spirit." This injunction suggests an initial act of abandonment to the indwelling Spirit. Indeed, there must be an initial act before there can be a continual experience. But there must also be an abiding in the indwelling Spirit. The verb "be filled" is in the present tense and gives the thought of continuance.

The Indication of the Spirit-Filled Life. "Be filled with the Spirit." Study the verses that follow and notice the four indications of a Spirit-filled life: They are speaking (v. 9), singing (v. 19), sacrificing (v. 20), and submitting (v. 21). If only this truth were a living experience in the church, in the home and in the world, what a difference it would make! Pastors and members, husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and servants would all be filled with the Holy Spirit, and therefore living the quality of life which glorifies God and brings blessing to a sin-weary world. Are you going to be honest with God and know what it is to live the Spirit-filled life?

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Thrust: "For this I pray, for this I plead,

Thy Spirit's fullness flood my soul;

Be Thou enthroned, Lord, within my heart,

And all my yielded life control."


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