Suppose We Treated Gasoline Like Sin

by David Buffaloe

Why does "sin" matter? In fact, why would I care about "sin" in myself or in others? Isn't "sin," after all, just a cultural concept? Live and let live should be our motto. Jesus died and rose again to save us. Let's preach this and move on, ignoring all else. Truth is relative-sin does not exist. The preceding paragraph contained statements that are all too commonly spoken and thought in today's world. People have begun to believe that sin doesn't matter. In fact, many have begun to believe that there is "no such thing as sin." As long as it feels good, it is entirely acceptable in our world today. Many churches and professing Christians believe that "sin" is a concept whose time has passed. As a result many local churches spend their time singing, dancing, and generally entertaining one another. The message of the cross has been diminished, and in its place we have "feel good" and "power of positive thinking" speeches. Has this type of church impacted our society? Has America become better through the dumbing down of the gospel message? If the gas gage on my car is pointing to the letter "E," I can approach the problem from several directions. I can either: Fill it up with water-after all, water is cheaper than gasoline. The apparent result is the same. The gauge will point to "F," and I'll save a whole bunch of money! Ignore the problem-after all, isn't "E" just a state of mind? My life will be bettered when I just "live and let live." If my car wants to be on "E," what do I care? Fill it up with gasoline. Yes, I have to focus on the problem to fix the problem, and yes, it costs much more to resolve the problem this way. Yet this is the only solution that will bless my life in the near future-that is, unless I want to get used to running across America like Forrest Gump! If I want to get anywhere in my vehicle, I must put gasoline in the tank. This is what the gas tank is designed for-gasoline! If I ignore the problem, dance around the car, think "positively" about it, or do anything else other than put gasoline in the tank, sooner or later that vehicle will stall. In America today the media will tell us that the concept of "sin" is an archaic notion best suited to the "olden days." If two people "love" one another they have every right to live together in sexual harmony as long as they love one another. If these two people happen conceive a child, the obvious modern solution is to abort that pregnancy. And when the two people become dissatisfied with each other, go and find another relationship. If disease should occur because of your promiscuity demand that medical science find a solution. After all, "love" is supposed to mean "whatever makes me happy at this moment." If what the media promotes was true, America would be a virtual Eden-yet it is not. The more we "love" according to modern morals, the more miserable we become. The solutions offered have not blessed us as a nation. Our blessing will only come when we turn back to God and His Word. What does God's Word tell us to do? Turn from sin, and turn to God in Christ. Then and only then will your "tank" be filled up. Then and only then will you be blessed!

David Buffaloe pastors Rock Hill Baptist Church in Lexington, Tennessee

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