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Praise: American Bible Society Honors Billy Graham-The American Bible Society (ABS) has presented the first Heroes of the Faith Lifetime Achievement Award to Billy Graham. In presenting the award, ABS President Paul G. Irwin noted that Graham has "brought the Bible to countless people," and added, "We at [ABS] want to pick up that energy, continue that impact, and, formally commemorate our spirit of partnership by honoring you for a lifetime of service devoted to proclaiming God's Word." Graham responded, "I am honored and overwhelmed, and I feel hope that not long from now I can present this to Jesus. It is His Spirit that takes that Word and applies it to our hearts."

Religion Today via MissionNet

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Praise: 30,000 Pairs of Shoes Go to Beslan Children 2 Years After Tragedy-A ministry in the terror-scarred city of Beslan, Russia, is using 30,000 pairs of new shoes to reach out to needy children. Beslan, a city in southern Russia near Chechnya, was the site of the 2004 school siege by terrorists resulting in the deaths of more than 350 people, mostly children. Buckner Orphan Care International is partnering with local workers and volunteers from Russia and the U.S. to deliver new shoes to schools, churches, and orphanages in the area in early September, coinciding with the second anniversary of the attack. The group is excited to couple the gospel message with the gift of new shoes to kids who may never have received a new pair of shoes. Buckner's Amy Norton says, "Being able to walk up with a new pair of shoes, which any child and family needs in that area, just opens the doors for conversation to be able to talk about why those new shoes are being given to them and then sharing the gospel and that's what it's all about."

Mission Network News

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Praise: "Project Pearl" Bibles Impact Chinese Church 25 Years Later-On June 18, 1981 Open Doors delivered one million complete Chinese Bibles by boat to Chinese Christians awaiting the secret meeting on shore. The total cargo weighed 232 tons and was hand carried up the beach box by box. Chinese believers circulated the Bibles across the nation, at times paying for the illegal activity with their lives. Over the past 25 years, Open Doors has received story after story-often from unusual places and situations-of the impact these Bibles had on the church in China. In one case police threw Bibles into the sea that later were retrieved and dried by fishermen. Another instance saw Christians retrieving Bibles out of a cesspool and dousing them with perfume to cover the smell. Project Pearl Bibles have been seen in virtually every province of the country. Noted author, David Aikman, wrote last year, "[Project] Pearl had a major long-term impact on the overall availability of Bibles in China."

Assist News Service/Evangelical News via MissionNet

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Praise: World Vision Partners with Butterfly Farming Project-World Vision is partnering with a unique conservation effort in Tanzania called "Butterfly Farming." This cottage industry allows local farmers to harvest the pupae or chrysalis phase of the butterflies for eventual sale to the live butterfly industry around the world. The project helps farmers become conservation advocates and also provides excellent income for poor farmers. Haji Mshangama, a local butterfly farmer, said, "My friends did think I was a bit crazy when I started farming butterflies. But when they saw how much money I was making they realized it was a good thing to do." BBC news reports the project now includes about 250 farmers based in four villages in Tanzania's East Usamabara Mountains who are raising butterflies as part of the project.

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