by Pulpit Helps Staff

With the blessing and direction of God, and the good counsel and care of our parent organization, AMG International, the vacuum caused by Bob Dasal's recent departure after nine years at the helm has been filled by the arrival of Justin Lonas to the Publisher position for Pulpit Helps.

Justin is a graduate of Bryan College in Dayton, Tenn. His calling is into print journalism, and his suitability to his new publishing responsibilities has been shaped by a variety of well-chosen employment and volunteer endeavors. It has become clear to all of us that even before we were aware of it, God was "setting the stage" for the changes Pulpit Helpswould be experiencing.

Change, of course, is inevitable. It can be faced either as a disruption of the status quo or as an opportunity to grow. We at Pulpit Helps have chosen the latter route, and here is some of what we believe God has set before us.

Pulpit ministry itself is undergoing change. Churchgoers are asking questions, exercising choices and pursuing interests that were not even on the horizon a generation ago.

The culture in which we live is in transition. There seems to be no end to the issues a minister of the gospel is called on to address in one form or another. Some of our training helps. Some of our training could not have anticipated what we face.

The believing community is undergoing change. It seems the gap between "mega" churches and the community church served by a bi-vocational pastor only widens. We may have even asked ourselves, "Have we gone wrong somewhere?"

It is into this setting that we welcome Justin. His first task will be to get to know you - Pulpit Helps readers. We need to hear the ways in which PH is of help to you. We also need to know about ways you think we might be of even more help.

You are our readers, to be sure, but we understand with you that your calling is to equip the Body of Christ for discipleship and service. It is to that end that we serve you, and for that purpose we are grateful for your readership and eager to be of continuing service to you.

Pulpit Helps Magazine, a ministry of AMG International, was a monthly publication which ran from 1975-2009. Founded by Dr. Spiros Zodhiates, Pulpit Helps was dedicated to the mission of equipping pastors, Bible teachers, and students of the Word for preaching, teaching, and living God's Truth. Each month, Pulpit Helps provided sermon starters, bulletin inserts, illustrations and quality articles on preaching, counseling, Christian living, and more. The ministry goals of Pulpit Helps continue today in the form of Disciple Magazine online.

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