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Plea for Hidden Wisdom

I was not certain when we were supposed to respond regarding the Bible puzzle choices that would be in Pulpit Helps and then, suddenly, responses galore! I have been laid up for a few months, so I can only input now.

In sharing articles and features from Pulpit Helps with another person (who could well use the Lord), and especially mind-bending things that challenge one's mental capacity, the Hidden Wisdom feature FAR outweighs the simplistic puzzle feature ("Bible PuzzleWords") at present. I realize I'm responding late, but not due to my own doing.

I have many discussions with people who don't necessarily identify with being a Christian, and I noticed that even someone who knows things other than biblical data can use the Hidden Wisdom puzzle-which makes it an EXCELLENT door opener to talk about spiritual things. It's really vital to have this feature in your publication.

My request is that you reinstall it-maybe along with this other puzzle, if need be. I'm sure you would like to see this paper used in every way possible to bless ALL possible, and I hope all that visited Hidden Wisdom before will respond when you print this article in Reader's Forum.

Continue with the other if you must, but the original is far better, and can be used by more people other than Bible scholars. I'm sure you care for souls, too.

Richard Baker
Worship minister/Bible teacher
First Baptist Church of New Haven, IN

Editor's response: Dear Readers, after Brother Baker's forceful plea, we put the question to you: Shall we go back (i.e., exhume our back files and rerun old Hidden Wisdom puzzles, as he suggests), or continue with the Bible PuzzleWords series? Doing both is not a viable option, as together they would take up too much valuable space. So, please let us know your thoughts on this question. We'll watch for your responses over the next two months.

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