The Joy of Total Forgiveness

by Glen H. Jones

Prior to Dr. Bright's death in 2003, he wrote a series of short books embodying the ten most vital lessons for Christian living. This is one in the series. A notable person reads the contents of each book on an accompanying CD. Janine Turner is the reader for this book. Throughout his ministry Bill Bright emphasized the love of God and the availability of salvation to anyone who received Christ. This book shows that God not only forgives our sins, but that His forgiveness is total and unlimited. In each of the nine chapters the author talks about desiring salvation, receiving salvation, experiencing forgiveness, continuing a victorious life, enjoying the sense of total forgiveness, and living out God's love and forgiveness. Bright enlivens his discussion with human interest anecdotes from his contacts with people. Realizing how difficult it is for some to forgive after they have been forgiven, he adds an appendix entitled, "How to Love by Faith." This section shows that forgiveness is a divine command; it is not an option. One can learn to love others by faith even when every fiber of his being cries out not to forgive one who has wronged him.
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