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Re: Don't Waste Your Cancer

The last eight points in "Don't Waste Your Cancer," in the July, 2006, issue are excellent. For those, pastor Piper is to be commended. For those alone, the article has merit and is worth reading.              

At issue though are the first two points which state: You will waste your cancer if you do not believe it is designed for you by God; and you will waste your cancer if you believe it is a curse and not a gift.

Let me give a true analogy. Many years ago, I knew a Christian couple, both of whom had large appetites and did not care what junk food they ate. A few years later, the wife died from a massive heart attack. The husband since then has lost considerable weight, watches what he eats, and has been blessed with a wonderful new wife. He became convinced that the previous eating habitsled to his wife's early departure from this planet.

Could anyone really say that the terrible diet of this man and his first wife were designed by God, and a gift, not a curse? No. God gave them opportunity to eat well, to exercise, and to glorify Him through their bodies, but instead, they overindulged in the wrong things. God permitted them choices, but with the choices came consequences.

We Christians here in the West are eating ourselves to death, both in overeating, and in eating a diet comprising large quantities of processed sugars, white flour, and an overabundance of trans-fat. Then we wonder why diabetes, cancer, hardening of the arteries, heart attacks, and so on are on the increase!

Let me assert that the majority of cancer is not designed by God for us, is not a gift, but rather the consequence of too much of the wrong types of food, coupled with hormones and additives which we readily consume without thought.

Robert B. Macdonald

Thanks for Pastor Pic

Greetings from the Out Islands. Thank you for putting Pastor Dan Rodgers and his wife on and in Pulpit Helps (July front page and page 5).  I cannot think of a nicer and more deserving servant of God than this man and his family. His ministry has been exceptional and has produced a lasting and godly influence. His church has been a faithful supporter and prayer force for missionaries such as our family. 

We thank the Lord for this recognition of a life being well lived for the Lord.

David Ralston, director
Christ To The Nations

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