From Jihad to Jesus, and Ex-Militant's Journey of Faith

by Bob Dasal

As a young man in the 1970s, Jerry Rassamni was a Muslim militant and fighter during the Lebanese civil war. His hatred of anyone that did not embrace his beliefs ran deep. He sincerely believed in his religion, but something was missing in his life. This book tells the gripping story of his quest for truth as he attempted to refute the Bible. But rather than finding proof the Bible was full of error, he discovered irrefutable evidence of its truth. He abandoned Islam and trusted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. The rest of the book covers the evidences Rassamni discovered, showing the misdirected beliefs Muslims have and their need to come to the truth. The titles of five of the chapters are questions. They include: "Are people born in Fitrah (initial state of purity)? Do they need a Savior? Is the Qur'an the true word of God? Was the prophet Muhammad a biblical prophet? Is Allah the God of the Bible? Are Muslim customs and beliefs from God? The current world situation makes this book a must read for pastors. Rassamni provides deep insight into how Muslims view the world. As you read his answers to the above questions you will be better equipped to help others understand the error of what Islam teaches and how Christians can effectively share with Muslims the truth of the gospel.
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