The View from Mount Calvary (24 Portraits of the Cross Throughout Scripture)

by Glen H. Jones

John Phillips' ability to paint clear and convincing scriptural portraits is legendary in the Christian community. Not only are his expositions illuminating, they also touch the heart. One senses Phillips' high regard for Scripture. This latest book looks at the work of Christ on the cross, from before the foundation of the world through the eternal ages. In his preface Phillips states: "All ages past looked forward to the cross, for Jesus was the Lamb slain ‘from the foundation of the world'" (Rev. 5:12). The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was planned before humanity was created, before our ancient father sinned and brought woe into the world. Abraham's offering of his beloved son on Mount Moriah was a fore-view of the cross. The Mosaic offerings all look forward to His death on the cross. The Old Testament foretold His betrayal, His agony, His crucifixion, His burial in a borrowed tomb, and His glorious resurrection. Isaiah 53 is the high-water mark in Messianic prophecy. Phillips recounts many Old Testament prophecies in some detail. The writer points out that His death on the cross effected our ransom from the bondage of sin. When we commit to Christ as Lord and Savior, the old nature is crucified with Him. A resulting new inward nature enables Christ to live His resurrected life in and through us. In the consummation of the ages the crucified, resurrected, and glorious Christ will reign supreme in His earthly millennial kingdom. Then He will be our object of worship throughout eternity. "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing" (Rev. 5:12).
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