Discipleship Manual

by Howard Glass

Pastors wanting to see people get closer to Christ would do well to use this book. Written by an experienced pastor, it covers the subject of discipleship with plain, straightforward language. The value and dynamics of deliberate and purposeful Christian living are presented in a matter-of-fact way. Readers quickly learn the importance of personal involvement in God's work, along with the need for teamwork and humility. Absent are any fluffy illusions about serving God. Instead, down-to-earth Bible-based concepts keep the reader focused on the important things. I sensed no homage to popular culture in this work, nothing trendy or shallow-just good, honest Jesus teaching that won't let people down. Arnold uses catchy chapter titles, few of which are clichés. He also employs plenty of quotes and anecdotes, some fresh, some timeless, to help readers get his points. The chapters are short and the book reads quickly. It shouldn't intimidate those who don't like to read. Addressing subjects like unity, obedience, service, commitment, and submission, Arnold unflinchingly calls for the kind of sacrificial living that characterizes a true disciple, while keeping a hopeful and positive tone. The book implies that growing in Christ is uncomplicated when one has the desire. Each chapter ends with study questions which should lead to deeper discussion if used in a class setting. Like a favorite tool, the word "handy" might best describe this trim volume.
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