Recent Releases

Concordia Publishing House

The Great Jesus Debates: Four Early Church Battles about the Person and Work of Jesus, Douglas W. Johnson, 2006, 187 pages, $14.99, softcover.  A timeline of persons and events in the history of the Christian Church and a brief glossary of terms.

The Land of Milk and Honey: An Introduction to the Geography of Israel, John A. Beck, 2006, $29.99, 205 pages, softcover. This book shows the impact the land of Israel made on the culture and politics during Bible times.

Reasonable Ethics, A Christian Approach to Social, Economic, and Political Concerns, Robert Benne, 2006, $14.99, softcover. A collection of essays describing how the Lutheran faith can affect public life.

Crossway Books

Courageous Parenting, Jack & Deb Graham, 2006, 176 pages, $17.99, hardcover. Support and encouragement for the task of raising a family that reflects Jesus Christ.

365 Bible Stores for Young Hearts, 2006, 448 pages, $17.99, hardcover. Brief Bible stories designed for daily reading.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Ten Commandments for Pastors Leaving a Congregation, Lawrence W. Farris, 2006, 105 pages, $12.00, softcover. Ten wise, thoughtful commandments for shepherds leaving their flock.

Harvest House Publishers

Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark: Hosea/Micah/Nahum/Habakkuk/ Zephaniah,  Kay Arthur & Pete De Lacy, 2006, 110 pages, $7.99, softcover. Part of the New Inductive Study Series.

Lord Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days, Kay Arthur, 2006, 156 pages, $9.99, softcover. A way to study the Bible that will give you personal, firsthand knowledge of God and truth.

How to Study the Bible for Yourself, Tim LaHaye, 2006, 173 pages, $11.99, softcover. Packed with easy-to-understand charts, fill-in outlines, flexible study options, and practical suggestions. Youth Edition also available. ($10.99).

Your Scars Are Beautiful to God: Finding Peace and Purpose in the Hurts of Your Past, Sharon Jaynes, 2006, 240 pages, $12.99, softcover. Inspirational stories, godly wisdom, and a study guide will help you give your wounds to the one who sees your beauty.

InterVarsity Press

A Mind for God, James Emery White, 2006, 128 pages, $12.00, hardcover. This inspirational and practical "rule for the mind" encourages and enables us to develop our minds for God.

The Transformation of a Man's Heart, Stephen W. Smith, editor, 2006, 194 pages, $13.00, softcover. Twelve men write from their hearts about their own journey toward transformation.

Surprised by Jesus: His Agenda for Changing Everything in A.D. 30 and Today, Tim Stafford, 2006, 253 pages, $17.00, hardcover. This book takes you beyond the Jesus you know-or think you know.

Mastering Monday: a Guide to Integrating Faith and Work, John D. Beckett, 2006, 206 pages, $18.00, hardcover. The writer introduces seven biblical characters who were role models for the workplace.

Finding God Beyond Harvard, the Quest for Veritas, Kelly Monroe Kullberg, 2006, 245, $20.00, hardcover. In the midst of secularism, one student's search for truth led her to found the Veritas Forum, an intellectual look at the truth of the gospel.

Kregel Publications

Embracing Soul Care: Making Space for What Matters Most, Stephen W. Smith, 2006, 295 pages, $12.99, softcover. A book about slowing down, stepping outside the chaos of our lives, and entrusting God with the care of our souls-letting Him give us peace.

Whitaker House

From Darwin to Design, Dr. C. L. Cagan with Robert Hymers, 2006, 169 pages, $12.99, softcover. The journey of a mathematics professor from atheism to faith.

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