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Is Anybody Out There?

A fundamental part of operating any publication is getting and responding to feedback from readers. Readers are the barometer of our success-they call us out when we're wrong; they remind us when we're doing a good job, they tell us what they like and dislike about the publication. In short, we depend on you to a degree for the direction of Pulpit Helps.

Lately, however, we haven't heard much from you. In fact, this month, we've hardly received any comments (via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone) about our editorial content. Either we're doing such a good job that no one wants to upset the applecart or we're putting you to sleep with mediocrity.

It is our mission to provide you with the necessary tools to fulfill your calling to pulpit ministry to the best of your ability. Going further, the magazine is as much for your congregations as it is for you. The people who fill your churches on Sunday morning are the end users of whatever insight and wisdom Pulpit Helps provides. We depend on you to keep us up to date on your congregation's specific needs. Let us know what you rely on us for in your ministry, but also what we don't offer that you think would help you.

We're here for your benefit, and we really do enjoy hearing from you. Everything you send our way will be read, and some may even appear in this department in the future. Won't you help us facilitate our service to you by communicating with us?

Justin Lonas

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