God Can Repair You

by Jan Silvious

It seems that "giving up" on ourselves is one of the best things we do. When I first became a Christian, I became so discouraged every time I made a mistake or sinned. If I lost my temper, I would ache for days. If I became critical, I would believe there was no hope for me to become a godly woman. I felt all I did was try and fail.

Then one day I read two special verses. I certainly didn't know where to find the passage by myself, but I had a big Bible open on a table in the living room and it was opened to the Psalms. (I guess I thought that would help me be spiritual.) As I read, I thought, "Do you really mean that?" Listen to these words: "Thy vows are binding upon me, O God; I will render thank offerings to Thee. For Thou hast delivered my soul from death, [surely you can keep] my feet from stumbling, so that I may walk before God in the light of the living" (Ps. 56:12-13).

God showed me once and for all that His vows were on me and that He was committed to finish what He had begun in my life-and not only that, He would make beauty out of the broken parts of me. If He had saved me, surely He could keep me from falling. Understanding that literally changed my perspective.

There is a sweet story told by Corrie ten Boom that illustrates this same principle. Corrie told it this way:

"In Russia, many people lived in a certain apartment house. The basement of the house was filled with the junk of all the families. Amongst the junk was a beautiful harp, which nobody had been able to fix. One snowy night, a tramp asked if he could sleep in the building. The people cleared a space for him in a corner of the basement, and he was happy to stay there.

"In a little while, the people heard beautiful music coming from the basement. The owner of the harp rushed downstairs and found the tramp playing it.

"‘But how could you repair it? We could not,' he said.

"The tramp smiled and replied, ‘I made this harp years ago, and when you make something you can repair it.'"

Then Corrie went on to say, "Lord, You made me. What a joy that You are willing and able to repair me."

Well, my friend, I just want to encourage you, if you feel rather broken and unfixable today. Maybe you have tried to fix yourself or you have let someone who doesn't know you as well as your heavenly Father tell you what you should do to be fixed, and you're frustrated because you're not getting any better. Why don't you quit looking in all the wrong places and take your struggles and brokenness to the Lord? His vows are upon you. He has saved you from death. He promises to keep your foot from slipping, and not only that, He can fix whatever might be broken in you.

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