Contending for Our All

by Glen H. Jones

Prolific writer John Piper takes a look at three historical personages that have influenced his personal life and ministry. Each of the three-Athanasius, John Owen, and J. Gresham Machen-also made significant contributions to the age in which they lived. Each of the three lived in a period rife with controversy. Each had to decide whether to keep quiet for the sake of "peace" or to raise his voice when error crept into the church. Athanasius (298-373) took his stand in asserting the deity of Christ. He never wavered. Three times he was exiled from his office as bishop of Alexandria, Egypt. Each time he came back to continue his fight against those who taught that Jesus was a created being rather than "God of very God." John Owen (1616-1683), Puritan cleric, vice chancellor of Oxford University, and political advisor, fought all his life for the Calvinistic view of salvation. He denounced Arminianism (basically free will) because it rejected predestination, a doctrine essential to Puritan theology. His greatest contribution to believers was his insistence on personal holiness. He never left that theme in all his writings. J. Gresham Machen (1881-1936) stood as a leading warrior against the rise of liberalism. In his early career Machen taught at Princeton Seminary. He resigned there when he saw the seminary's conservative board being diluted by liberal members. He founded Westminster Seminary, and from that base he fought unceasingly against liberalism in the Presbyterian Church.
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