From Darwin to Design (the Journey of a Mathematics Professor From Atheism to Faith)

by Glen H. Jones

This book presents Cagan's autobiography, his personal Christian testimony, and his belief in scientific creationism. Cagan recounts how over a two-year period (or more) the Spirit of God gradually brought him, an atheistic Jew, to a genuine faith in Christ. This started him on his Christian journey while he was a mathematics professor. Before long he began to study the implications of creation and evolution. He reasoned that the first law of thermodynamics-conservation of energy-and the second law of thermodynamics-the law of entropy-were totally inconsistent with evolution. This was a powerfully convincing argument against organic evolution and for biblical creationism. The writers devote several pages to the "butterfly effect," the scientific premise that small effects can have gigantic consequences. "Chaos theory in history exhibits God's providence through His unseen hand, how He brings about His purposes and intentions without splitting the earth or performing any major miracle" (p. 139). In other words, accidents or incidents of fate can really be God's underlying providential purposes in accomplishing His will.
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