365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts

by Glen H. Jones

This attractively illustrated Bible story book presents 365 Scripture stories from Genesis to Revelation in language appropriate for ages 5 to 8 years. The compilers demonstrate great respect for the inspired Word; they do not add or detract from the biblical record. Of the 365 stories, 261 are from the Old Testament; and the remainder from the New Testament. This hard-back volume should withstand a lot of handling. The first story demonstrates a belief in biblical creation: "A long time ago, God made the world. It was dark and empty and nothing lived in it. Then came the six days of Creation." The third story explains sin's entrance into the world: "Satan was in the Garden of Eden as well as God and Adam and his wife. Satan is an evil spirit who tries to get people to do wrong things. Then the woman made a big mistakeshe disobeyed God and ate some of the fruit." The book offers adults an opportunity to present biblical truths to young minds. The stories of Noah and the Flood, Joseph the dreamer who becomes ruler of Egypt, Moses and the burning bush, John the Baptist, Jesus and His miracles, the Apostle Paul, and the founding of the churches will challenge children to study more of biblical truth.
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