Concise Bible Doctrines

by Glen H. Jones

Elmer Towns, dean of Liberty University School of Religion, has updated this book from an earlier version. It is written from a conservative, Baptistic viewpoint. Its eschatology is premillennial. The author holds a high view of inspired Scripture; he believes the Bible is divinely inspired, authoritative, and relevant to Christian living.

Even though the title suggests that the topics are concise, the major teachings of Scripture are discussed in some detail. This book would be suitable as reference for a Bible study teacher or for any believer who wants a ready reference on the great doctrines of the Bible.

Among the subjects discussed are the Bible (revelation, inspiration, inerrancy & canonicity, and illumination), God (His attributes, works, and laws), the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Jesus Christ (His preexistence, His offices, the Virgin Birth, His incarnation, and His perfection, the Atonement, and His death and resurrection), Man ( nature, freedom, the Fall, and the nature of sin), Angels, Satan, Demons, the Church (aims, membership, government, and ordinances), and  Last Things (prophecy, rapture, tribulation, millennium, judgments, eternal salvation, and eternal damnation).

This book is not written for the theologian; its language is not overpowering for the average Bible student. Serious Bible students will find sufficient information and scriptural references to provide a solid background for profitable study.

Target: All

Type:   Bible Doctrines

Take:    Highly Recommended

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