Preaching with Power

by Glen H. Jones

Michael Duduit conducted a series of interviews with twenty well-known pastors to discover their methods and styles that enable them to effectively communicate the truths of Scripture. As one would expect, those interviewed displayed a wide range of styles and approaches. John MacArthur believes the most effective approach to biblical communication is expository preaching. He stated: "I just really wanted to clarify the meaning of the text and the flow of the (Bible) book" (p. 108)… "My goal is to make the Word of God understandable" (p. 108). Jerry Falwell also holds to strong biblical preaching. However, he emphasizes social and political change. He blends evangelization and cultural confrontation: "A primetime debate for me is a way to get the gospel-the death, burial, resurrection of Christ-message out to people while confronting the other side of the moral and social issues" (p20). T. D. Jakes senses that his ministry confronts broken lives, both men and women. "God, when He gets ready to minister to us, does it by coming where we are….I think it is critical for Christian leaders that we don't lose touch with the people we serve." (pp. 66-67). David Jeremiah uses expository preaching with a relevant application to reach his hearers. His bout with lymphoma gives him a new empathy for those who are experience suffering. Ed Young, Jr., senior pastor of Fellowship Church in suburban Dallas, also emphasizes preaching the Word. He uses a wise range of technology in his preaching. Creativity, he states, is not a gimmick, but a means to effectively communicate the gospel. Preaching the gospel is paramount. Duduit also interviewed Erwin Lutzer (Chicago's Moody Church), Lloyd John Ogilvie (retired chaplain of the U.S. Senate), Haddon Robinson (homiletics professors at several seminaries), Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life), and ten other pastors. Target: General Audience Type: Biography & Homiletics Take: Highly Recommended
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